Ava – 4 Months

We contacted Natalie as our daughter, Ava, hit the 4 month sleep regression. At this point Ava was waking up every 40 minutes during the night. Ava would nap 4 – 5 times a day, with each nap lasting no longer than 40 minutes and only being able to fall a sleep if she was rocked.

Natalie spent time to learn about our routine and Ava’s habits and produced a personalised sleep plan. Within the first couple of days we noticed that Ava started to develop the skills where she was able to put herself to sleep at bedtime, and as a result started napping for longer too.

Within 5 days Ava developed a new routine of napping 3 times a day with each nap lasting 2 hours. In addition to sleeping better we noticed that Ava was feeding better and was generally a happier baby!

Natalie provided us with additional information which should help us as Ava gets older and her sleeping habits change. We would highly recommend Natalie and couldn’t thank her enough for all her help and guidance.

Jake & Jayna – Crawley