Christian — 6 months

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At 6 months old we had tried absolutely everything to get our baby to sleep for anything longer than 2 hours at night. Every day was so different and I’d tried getting up earlier, going to bed later, dummy, shushing – you name it. I resorted to co-sleeping and breastfeeding him back to sleep just to get a couple more hours. He was often breastfed throughout the night but didn’t drink much, it was purely for comfort. I just wanted a better night’s sleep! Waking every 2 hours was absolute torture and I started to worry about what I’d do about going back to work, where I teach high school students and need to bring my A-Game every day!

When Natalie started helping us we were living with my in-laws, which wasn’t the ideal situation but Natalie worked with us to develop a plan that suited our circumstances. I was also conscious that any crying could wake them up, so this was all taken into consideration.

I wasn’t expecting him to sleep throughout the night but on night two, our baby slept 11 hours straight! My husband and I are so grateful to Natalie, not just for her sleep plan but her daily involvement and level of care towards how we were getting on.


Natalie & Philip – Cheshunt, Hertfordshire