Ella — 6 Months

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I’d read a lot about what you should and shouldn’t do from newborn but our daughter wouldn’t sleep at all in the early days or she would sleep but wouldn’t be put down, so we just did whatever we could to get her to sleep and it became easier and easier for us to get her to sleep like that, so we stuck with it. A few times we tried to put her down and see what happened (she did sleep once out of exhaustion but we had not really tried with any conviction) and I was reluctant to do it without proper help and guidance as I didn’t want to get it wrong and make it worse.

Our main goal was to teach Ella how to settle herself to sleep so that we could put her to bed and she’d be happy to drift off alone. We wanted her to have a restful night’s sleep, settle herself back when she woke up in the night without help from us – and then wake up happy and smiley – we achieved all those things and more with Natalie’s help.

Lauren & Cem – Romford, Essex