Evie — 17 Weeks

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I cannot recommend Natalie highly enough!

My 4 month old Daughter stopped being a good sleeper at around 12 weeks and after a month of broken sleep, I knew I needed help before I returned back to work. Everyone would say sleep when baby does, which would have been fine if she’d slept for more than 30 minutes at a time when at home! The only way to get her to sleep was by feeding, then rocking and using a dummy. On the first night of the programme my daughter nursed once (when she’d previously been feeding up to 4 times a night). Yes one feed in 12 hours! That was my goal met on the very first night.

By day 4, my daughter was having 3 long naps without any help from mummy or daddy, and not a dummy or white noise gadget in sight! I didn’t regret a thing. Well rested mummy meant baby was (and still is) getting the very best out of me and learning to put herself to sleep independently. A skill that we all need to learn! My only regret…not starting sooner! Who knew I could have been getting more sleep all along, and so could my Daughter. I have learned not to underestimate how important sleep is to their development.

Natalie was very professional, but personable at the same time. She was great at reassuring us that the process was one that we would see results from. I have since, handed her details to a few people as I have not stopped talking about how good (she), and the plan was.

Sarah & Jon Paul – Brentwood, Essex