Flo — 6 months

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My husband and I were at our wits end, our beautiful baby Flo would only sleep for 5 separate half hours a day and we had to rock/push/jiggle her to sleep with her crying and exhausted. She was also still waking for 3 night feeds and this was having a major impact on family life. Natalie was amazing. She cared, which was the most important thing, and with her knowledge and support we started to see the changes from the 2nd night. Now, we have an amazing little sleeper, who loves her bed, Mummy and Daddy love each other again and Flo has gone from an over tired, fractious little person to a very happy, bouncing baby. What’s more… 2 years later and Flo is still an amazing little sleeper! 12 hours on, 12 hours off! Thank you Natalie, you have changed everything!

Amy & John – Hythe, Southampton