George – 5 Months

We started working with Natalie when our son was 5 months old. He had always been a poor sleeper since birth, with us often only managing to get him to sleep for 40 minute stretches at night, with naps not lasting more than 20 minutes at a time. I was completely exhausted and had tried everything I could.

My friend recommended Natalie after success with her little boy. After one extremely bad night, I decided to contact Natalie in desperation. I needed something to change!
Natalie was great, she came back to me within the hour with a suggestion of a call the next day. After speaking, Natalie quickly got to work for us and pulled a plan together within a couple of days.
Knowing we were going to be able to address things so quickly was exactly what we needed at that time.

It’s fair to say I was very skeptical about our chances of success, but Natalie was confident.

The first few nights were quite tough for us, but Natalie was great at reassuring us that what we were experiencing was normal and if we stuck with it, we’d get results. She was constantly monitoring our progress and was able to tweak our approach accordingly to try and improve our results. Having someone there telling you what to change and how to do it was invaluable, without it, I could easily have seen us giving up. Then by night 7 our son slept for 11 hours without waking. I genuinely couldn’t believe it!

After this, naps seemed to start falling into place and now we have a baby that naps between 3-4 hours a day and will sleep through the night.

My partner and I have our evenings back and actually feel like human beings who can eat dinner together and have fun with our baby during the day, rather than sleep deprived zombies on edge, waiting for our son to wake at any moment.

We can’t thank Natalie enough for her help and support, it really was invaluable. I’d recommend Natalie to anyone struggling with their baby’s sleep.

Hollie & James – Leigh-onSea, Essex