Huxley — 6 Months

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I posted on ATB Kids and Natalie was recommended to me.

My little boy was 6 months and I was going back to work part-time so sleep had become a lot more important to me and my partner. We had tried lots of different things but nothing seemed to work. We had never experienced a full night sleep with him as the longest he had ever gone was 4.5 hours.

When my partner first mentioned getting help from a sleep consultant, I was quite sceptical at first, however, I couldn’t recommend Natalie enough. I couldn’t believe how quickly our little boy adapted to his new routine. On night 3 he slept from 7.29pm – 7.45am without a stir and after just a few days I actually found him crying as he WANTED to go to bed. When I put him down, he stopped crying and went to sleep. I started to question whether it was my child?

He is now sleeping 12 hours a night, napping perfectly throughout the day and is waking up so much happier. Natalie is very friendly and easy to talk to and we can’t thank her enough for helping us get our much-needed sleep back!  Would 100% recommend!

Harry & Jovi – Harlow, Essex