Oscar – 5.5 Months

Natalie was recommended to us on Chelmsford Bumps to Mums.

We’ve just finished our time with Natalie and if you are considering a sleep trainer, look no further. Natalie has been a miracle worker. I had a 5.5 month old baby who was sleeping between 1-3hrs at a time over night. He co-slept, and slept on his front and the quickest way to settle him was to breastfeed to sleep, meaning he had several feeds throughout the night on top of his frequent awakenings. Her plan was fantastic and suited us for what we felt comfortable with. 2 weeks later and we now have a baby who sleeps in his own bed, in his own room, on his back and his last feed is at 6pm until the morning 11+ hours later!

Thank you for all your help getting us to this stage, you were non-judgmental but supportive, confident and empathetic and without your help we still wouldn’t have been getting any sleep!!

Nadine & Pete, Chelmsford