Oscar — 5 months

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I contacted Natalie because my little boy, Oscar, was up every one or two hours throughout the night. He would insist on feeding and then would fall straight back asleep. He was 5 months old and I’d had enough of being awake so many times in the night. Natalie was great when I approached her and we had a fantastic consultation and came up with a plan that I was happy with. It was amazing because she didn’t push me to do anything that I wasn’t ready for but her knowledge and ideas were fantastic. 

I was very apprehensive on night one but followed the steps we had discussed and by night three, Oscar was settling himself. I’ve now finished the programme and Oscar sleeps 11 hours every night! I am so much happier and feel like a better mum because of it. I was incredibly happy with the service that I received from Natalie and would highly recommend her to anyone else! 

Will & Anna – Tonbridge, Kent