Riley – 3.5 Months

We had one irritable baby that would only nap for 35-40 minutes in the day and woke up several times in the night. After speaking with Natalie, she set out a new routine for our daughter which included naps and night time routine. I was apprehensive about some of the changes but Natalie put me at ease and explained why it was so important to get her sleeping better. After only 2 nights our little one was like a completely new baby, she slept 12 hours solid at night and was taking 2-hour-long naps. She was back to being a happy baby again! I am still in shock at how amazing the coaching is! I can’t believe the huge transformation just from adapting our routine slightly. Highly recommended!! Not like other training out there where you leave the babies to “cry it out”.

Rach & Rhea – Westcliffe-on-Sea