Shray — 6 Months

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My wife and I got in touch with Natalie after we struggled with day time naps with our little one. At 6 months old he would only nap for 30 minutes, which we knew wasn’t sufficient and this lack of sleep during the day made bedtimes a struggle. By the time it was bedtime, he was exhausted and upset. So through a friend, we got in touch with Natalie. She understood our situation and she gave us a tailored sleep plan and additional tips to help our little boy sleep better during the day. Without her help we would have continued in the same cycle. Within days our little one was napping for 2 hours instead of 30 minutes, this gave us a chance to recharge.

Natalie was so helpful that we actually went back to her for some more advice at a later stage. We didn’t know at the time but children can fall out of good habits very quickly. We initially didn’t have problems with our little boy sleeping through the night and all of a sudden he was waking up and our previous techniques to get him to sleep through the night were no longer working so we got in touch with Natalie again. She developed a sleep plan and again, within 4 days our boy was sleeping through the night again. We genuinely couldn’t recommend Natalie highly enough and will always be thankful for the support and advice she provided.

Trish & K – East Grinstead, West Sussex